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what I do

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Inspire someone

I had a little time this morning to catch up around my own house (laundry!), read a few blogs and get inspired with a few of the many great images and ideas that circulate ... 

Like this gorgeous Upper West Side Waterfront Apartment in Manhattan designed by Chango & Co.

Chango & Co | Photography: Jacob Snavely

Sometimes it can be intimidating overwhelming with all the creativity and talent that is out there but mostly it is great to see such talent and pure inspiration.

I found this free iPhone background today here. Thank you Rachel!

 It took me about two minutes to put it on my phone.  (It took me about twenty to get a kind-of-decent photo of it!). She also has a great Etsy Shop you might want to check out.

Okay ... I'm off to inspire and be inspired! Have a great day everyone!

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Mary Ann Pickett said...

I'm inspired every time I come here.