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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Moving rooms around and one day make-overs

The first visit to my sister's house a few months ago was to see how we could refresh her kitchen (without completely overhauling it) and update the living room a bit (you can see the almost finished living room here), and do something about the garage. We set up a plan, ordered furniture and appliances and did some organizing in the garage. Oh, and we went shopping. Lots of shopping. We hit our usual stores (West Elm, Crate and Barrel, HomeGoods and Ikea...) and came home with a couple of lamps and vases and lots of stuff to brighten up the kitchen area.

The old office space that is now the living room

My sister is a children's book illustrator and she works from home. Years ago we made a studio for her where her current living room is now (I wrote about it here) but now she works mostly in her upstairs office. She has a small desk in her kitchen where she can sketch as well. The space where she has her desk used to be the dining room ... which has been relocated to the previous living room (are you following this?!).

The new desk area in the kitchen

The first thing we did was go to Ikea to order some closets to line her garage. We used bedroom closets that slide with shelves and pull out drawers inside (another post / another day!). We also came home with a dresser to keep her tools and dog leashes, etc. in. Here is an "in-progress" shot showing the new Ikea cabinets and the almost finished dresser (sans drawers):

She liked the dresser (Ikea Hemnes) so much that we went back and got a second one to put in her kitchen / desk area. It is the same one that I have in my kitchen... you can never have too much storage I think. At $299 it is a bargain; we changed the knobs to match the kitchen handles.

The tall glass cabinet (it is actually three pieces sitting on top of each other) was purchased years ago from Crate and Barrel and had been in her upstairs office. I like that it is in this space now - it adds necessary storage but even more shows my sister's personality. Some of the items were gifts, some from travels and, do you see the stuffed lion? That was from her childhood. 

I love all the whimsical tchotchkes (ˈchäch-kə: knickknack, trinket) she has ... so much inspiration for her books!

Our first accessory purchase was this lamp from West Elm. My sister found it and it was on clearance:

I used it on the built-in desk area that is really just a place to drop keys and glasses...

The cabinets did not have any hardware and we purchased some pulls and knobs from Ikea and Deb installed them herself!

My sister is an avid golfer and the photo is of our father when he was a young man.

The lamp set the direction for the rest of the accessories ... green! We went back later and picked up this one too:

 green glass jug lamp | West Elm

The new faucet works well with its clean lines and it ties in with the new cabinet hardware. The green bottles help bring the outdoors in.

The baking soda in the Ikea bottle is something I have in my kitchen too... add a little dishwashing soap and it makes the best (and natural) cleaner. Just so you can really appreciate the new look, here is what we started with:



The new counter depth French door refrigerator is a much better fit than the previous one that stuck out too far beyond the cabinets (and door) ...

And we added a Dash and Albert Diamond Black & Ivory indoor/outdoor runner to finish it off the kitchen and keep the water from Mack's dog dish from dripping all over the floor.

Mack got a little crate makeover too ... we got the blanket (so he feels cozy) and the pad cover at HomeGoods. Mack is the fourth Airedale Deb has owned and her favorite assistant.


therelishedroost said...

I love one day makeovers, when you are done.. you cant believe the transformations!! Great job!

Deb said...

What a great post this is Sherri! Thank you so much for your time, patience and talent keeping my digs current, functional and beautiful. Can't believe we did all that in such a short amount of time! You are amazing!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Amazing. So fresh and beautiful.