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Monday, May 20, 2013

My Kitchen Reveal

My kitchen remodel is finally done. 

It has been done for a while now but I need to find time to figure out my new camera (oh boy... I still need help) and then the time to photograph. Someone asked me the other day if I "love" my new kitchen and I will have to say that I "like" it very much. If you remember, it started out with us just needing to replace the twenty three year old oven that had been broken for over a year and the cooktop that I had been lighting with a match for many, many years. I had dreamed about the day that the oven would go out (see my post about that here) because I really wanted to get a free-standing range and I knew that I would finally have to be able to replace the old outdated countertop (12"x12" granite squares) and make some other changes. But when it happened, it was no longer in the budget.

I didn't plan the kitchen the way that I would for a client ... it kind of just happened. We played with the idea of cutting the old countertop and making some modifications to the cabinets to fit in the new range but in the end that just seemed like a temporary fix. I decided abruptly one afternoon to replace the old counters. I made my selections really quickly. I knew all along that I wanted to use Carrara subway tiles so I quickly ordered those and drove down to my fabricator's warehouse and selected a white quartz that would go with the marble (LG "snowstorm"). I called my plumbing fixture supplier and had them duplicate a sink and faucet order I had placed for a client a few months before. It was all done in a few hours.

In hindsight, I wish I would have put a bit more effort into a few of the details. I would have selected a different sink (less rounded on the edges) and if I had realized (before we put the new counter on) that I was going to change the cabinet fronts, I would have changed a few of my cabinets to drawers and moved the trashcan to the other side of the sink while I was at it. But that is hindsight.

We changed all the cabinet fronts to a cleaner shaker style which was a decision I also hadn't planned on but once the counters were installed it just made the old cabinets look worse and I couldn't justify paying someone to paint the old ones (it had been 23 years) especially since I had already changed out the refrigerator and dishwasher panels years ago.  In the middle of everything, the refrigerator leaked and damaged our wood floors and we had to refinish them (I posted about that here) ... the job just kept growing.

It is wonderful to be able to cook on such a nice range - it took a while to get used to not having to light the burners with a match!

I love the new quartz counters and although I would have loved the look of Carrara marble counters, I did not want to worry about them (just the thought of Easter egg food coloring all over made me realize they were not the best choice for me). My fabricator was very generous to give me a beautiful piece of marble he had in his yard and fabricated a top for the inexpensive Ikea dresser that I had brought into the kitchen last summer from our guest bedroom. I love having that little bit of a marble "counter" and I like how it ties in the Carrara backsplash.

Wall color - Benjamin Moore's Kendall Charcoal

Ready for the before photo (taken in 2011)?


Not terrible for being 23 years old ... but I sure like the new look better!


You all know how much I love white ... it feels clean, seems bigger and is definitely a lot more fun to cook in!

I purchased the cabinet pulls from Ikea; the paint color on the cabinets is Benjamin Moore's Super White.

The rug is from Dash and Albert and is one of my favorite rugs. It is an outdoor rug and very durable and easy to clean.  The stool I picked up from One King's Lane for a fraction of the price of the one I wanted from Restoration Hardware. It turned out to be not such a bargain; the top came with a very "orangey" finish that was awful. I tried to fix it myself and then gave up and took it to my furniture refinisher. I still paid less than what I could have ... but it was not quite the bargain I had hoped for!

I am loving the lighter wood floors. 

When I get back from my road trip I will show you the two rooms on either side of the kitchen - the family room and the mud room. 

Happy Monday everyone ... I hope to be posting from "the road" soon!


Nancy said...

I LOVE your new kitchen! Spectacular job! We're about to start a kitchen reno ourselves and your new kitchen is a great inspiration! Cant wait to see the other rooms. Safe travels!

Fran said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! Really simple and refined. And, the marble slab on the ikea chest is genius!! I hope you don't mind but I'll be pinning a couple of your pics!

Candi said...

I looked like you had two different color hardwoods back to back. How is that working out for you?

I would like to change our tile out in the kitchen area with hardwoods, but my husband doesn't think we can match with our existing hardwoods. We have real wood, 1960's hardwoods. We just redid them and they're beautiful! I just am not sure how to make it work together.

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Wow Sherri! So beautiful!

Lisa Mende said...

Beautiful! what kind of range did you get? love the look of everything!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the back splash!

SHCInsideOut@gmail.com said...

Candi- we have our original oak floors throughout our house but when we originally remodeled our kitchen 23 years ago I opted for maple floors for the kitchen and fsmily room wing of the house. At the time, the rest of the house was carpeted. When we decided to remove the carpet years later we chose to save costs by exposing the original oak flooring. In a perfect world I would definitely prefer them to all be the same but it has never bothered me.

Lisa - it is a Viking range.

Jessie said...

Your new kitchen looks bright and beautiful, love it! Also loving the marble on the Ikea chest, what a great idea!


pve design said...

looks great. I love how we evolve and keep the faith as we change our homes and our surroundings.


Sherri...beautiful!!! I love everything about it and so wish I could change my countertops...but that is not going to happen anytime soon:)