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what I do

Friday, February 14, 2014

Origami hearts

I love Valentine's Day. Not so much as a romantic holiday, but a fun day to celebrate love and friendship. I have so many sweet memories of making valentines with my daughters and it is one tradition that I never want to stop ... even if my girls are now grown.

I am working on a wedding where we will be hanging 1000 cranes and it inspired me to do a little origami of my own. Origami hearts, that is. I didn't make 1000, but I did make quite a few. 

I filled each heart with a little love note and put them in boxes for my daughters, my granddaughter and my Goddaughter. 

I put my granddaughter's in a little suitcase box that I found at Target. It is in her favorite color (green) and I made her heart's out of ladybug paper.

I used paper from the craft store and some that I already had and then picked up a few more specialty papers from Paper Source. I also used some wrapping paper and pages torn from an old book ...

 I got the directions on how to make them here.

And just like when I used to make valentines with my girls, I worked late into the night to finish the ones I will be giving out to some special friends ...

I hope you are feeling very loved today! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


StagerLinda said...

Holy finger arthritis! Your hearts are magical and so endearing. Can't beat the personal presentation. Your girls and friends will cherish these. You get the THOUGHTFULNESS award this Valentine's Day. xoxo

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

How cute...your granddaughter must of loved it!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I love these pretty hearts. I think I saw on Pinterest where they made them out of dollar bills (which I KNOW my son would love).