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what I do

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Curtain wire art and photo wall, a pretty fabric and wedding preparations ...

Prepping and planning ...

I am in full wedding mode this week. I have the first of 3 weddings I am styling in just 10 days and the second less than 2 weeks after that. I am busy working on seating charts and names tags, painting signs and also playing around with table settings and vignettes. In between, I am still trying to work on a few design projects.

I selected this fabric (Windsor Smith for Kravet) to go on two Bergere chairs and met with a past client to begin a new kitchen remodel. They are a fun couple and I am excited for the ideas we through around for their new kitchen. I also took some time today to hang an art "clothesline" for a client's daughter. We re-designed her room quite a few months ago but never finished hanging the clothesline and today was the last day to hang it so it will be done when she returns home from a mission trip in Africa. 

This girl likes things clean and neat and I love that she chose her wall color herself. She is seventeen now and was over her pink and orange "little girl" room and was ready for something more sophisticated. 

I used Ikea's DIGNITET curtain wire system which I am in love with. 

These are not the easiest things to hang - they don't come with any hardware and because you have to pull hard on the wire to get it tight, it is important that they are anchored securely to the wall which always stresses me out when I have to add drywall anchors. They also don't give you a template, and to make sure they are level and lined up with each other is quite a challenge. Not to mention their instruction booklet is super confusing. 

When I installed these for the first time, for my granddaughter's room a few months ago, I didn't get them perfectly tight. But once they started hanging art and fun stuff from the wire it really didn't matter. 

This time I was more successful at getting everything tight and level ... and could probably call myself an expert at hanging these things now. 

My client put up a few photos to finish it off and sent me this photo to thank me and let me know how much she loved it. I hope her daughter loves her new surprise when she gets home!


therelishedroost said...

How clever and I love Windsor Smith fabrics too!

Cinderella K said...

The kids came out after the reception and they were happy as can be. Kids adored the toys, tvs, games and their little pizza party They all said that was their favorite part of the wedding.
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