what I do

what I do

Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy Friday

I met with a new wedding client today ... it was a nice way to end a crazy, busy and somewhat frustrating work week. I love working on weddings - they are so positive and fun.

The bride and her mom were wonderful and it gave me a chance to show off a few new pieces I picked up at an estate sale this week ...

A friend of mine invited me to the estate sale - it was a the home of one of her friend's mom. I had to restrain myself (oh, I wish I had more warehouse space!) but I did bring home 3 nice pieces that will be fun to bring in to a vintage wedding (or my house, haha). 

The meeting was also a good excuse to get my house cleaned. Doesn't it feel nice to go into the weekend with a clean house?

 Have a great weekend everyone!


Nancy said...

makes me want to get remarried to my husband every time I see a glimpse into your wedding designs. redo anyone? maybe at year 20...i'll start whispering in his ear now so that he thinks its his idea when the time rolls around. and then i'm calling you to help me pull it off. simply lovely...hope this bride to be lets you post pics of her big day!

Unknown said...

Oh I will look forward to your re-wedding :)
Yes, most definitely I will be posting photos!