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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thank You David Austin

Do you feel this way? After packing away the Christmas decor my house always feels empty and bare. Does yours? It doesn't make sense because I loved my house BEFORE I put out all the decorations; in fact this year I was even hesitant to start the Christmas decorating because I didn't want it to feel cluttered. But after having all the colorful balls and the sparkle, and the warmth that the tree brought in, it takes a while to adjust back to the way it was. Which is weird because I was anxious to move it all out. 

So yesterday, I took a few minutes (well, maybe more than a few) and went out to enjoy some of the warmth outside and trim prune some of the rose bushes. I was surprised to find that even in late January and although very scraggly, there were still a few beauties out there. I had some market roses already in a vase, so when I pruned I brought in a few spectacular ones and added them to the mix (falling apart quickly though!). Just adding this little pop of color sure makes a difference in the room.

My favorite roses are my David Austins ... for me, there is just nothing that compares to them. Well, maybe a peony but sadly they don't grow here. Oh, yes, I've tried. One year Roger's Gardens even had a special variety of peonies just for Southern California. They didn't make it. And I would think it was just me, but my very talented gardener friend tried as well and hers flopped too. But these David Austin roses are wonderful and they have the most amazing scent - just heavenly! If you have a chance you should pick up one ... or two. Actually, since you should always try to 'accessorize' in odd numbers, maybe even three! 

Abraham Darby
And even though we are still on a spending freeze over here ... I couldn't resist a couple of new Target (bless you Target!) pillows just to add a little change and pop in a little color. I have been shopping and shopping and shopping for clients and just needed to bring a little something home for me ;.)

What a simple way to brighten up a room! 

I hope you are having a good week and don't forget to sign up for the CSN Stores giveaway that I posted yesterday! The odds are pretty good right now!


Amy Chalmers said...

I love David Austin roses too. I had the Abraham Darby myself but it didn't survive a transplant job when I moved it from one garden to another. This spring I can't wait to plant more. They do grow in New England too. We have about two feet of snow cover in Boston right now, I am envious that you can go out into your garden and snip away. The room looks so pretty with your bouquet addition. They are gorgeous.

Robbie said...

My immediate thought when I saw your roses were, "to bad the scent can't come through the internet waves. I have a pink David Austen rose that I keep just because of the scent. Thanks for sharing this with us: brings some beauty into January doldrums.

traci zeller designs said...

Gorgeous roses! I also spotted those pillows at Tar-jay and thought they were fab!

Luciane at HomeBunch.com said...

Hello my sweet friend!

I am in love with your living room! Seriously! It's so comfortable an stylish! Your new pillow and the flowers are the perfect touch! Love it!

I really want a comfy white couch, but with my 2 little ones it would turn in a "multi-color" couch very soon.. lol

Great post, Sherri!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

Deb said...

Well we must be sisters....Abraham Darby is my favorite rose! Have one in my front yard. Does better here than it did at my old house....

annie@mostlovelythings said...


I know what you mean about putting away the Christmas decor...I love it while it's up but by the 26th I love that it's packed away. I do miss the warmth of the tree light glow...I think your roses more than make up for that! So beautiful and the room looks so fresh!


CHIC Sensibility... said...

So lovely! An those flowers are gorgeous!

Julie said...

I love your home! So lovely. And Target has the best cheap throw pillows.

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone ... such nice comments!
Amy, I don't envy your snow ... I envy gazing at it from the inside of my comfortable living room but I don't know what I'd do if I had to trek around in it!
Robbie, I need to come over to your beautiful garden and take some blog photos to share! Maybe I will wait until your sweet peas are in full bloom!
Traci, wouldn't it be fun to go shopping at Target together - I'd bet our cart would be matching!
Luciane, that is the point of white slipcovers... washing them! Honestly, white is the easiest thing - my other sofa is harder to care for because I cannot use a bleach pen on it and when my kids were little, the white slipcovers SAVED me!
Deb, We ARE sisters! But I didn't know that you had an Abraham Darby - I love that!
Annie, you sound a lot like me! I force myself to leave the tree up to New Years but my heart is to take it down the 26th!
Chic Sensibility, Thank you!
Julie, Aw.. you are so nice. Yes ... what would we do without Target?
Thanks again for taking the time to comment ... I sure love reading them! xo Sherri

Unknown said...

WOW! So pretty. Love the living room, it's rich.