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what I do

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thanks to my two sisters

My two sisters had a little fun the night before Christmas Eve. They think it is pretty funny that I am 'wired' very different then they are. They like to tease me that we really have different mothers. Or that there is a gene that was passed to me that they didn't seem to get. I have this 'thing' about being neat and organized. And it seems to have skipped them. 

They have both been bloggers long before I even knew what blogging was. And they have had fun watching me try to enter that world. And since I have been blogging, they have been reading what I have been posting everyday and not only are they my biggest 'fans' they have been taking note of some of the things that I do. So they thought it would be fun to make up a few shirts expressing how they feel.

Hearing them tell the story of how they came up with the idea and recalling the night they made them was hilarious. They came up with the idea fairly quickly ... and then spend a REALLY long time trying to figure out what font to use because as they said it, "we had to use a font that Sherri would use" and it took forever to figure out, "What would Sherri do?" I was very touched with their love and support and honestly, I would give up my 'neat' gene in a second for their sense of humor!

That's me in the middle!
Love you guys ... You are the best!


diane@onlinefabricstore said...

Aren't sisters great? My sister's name is Sherry (with a y) also. Really enjoy your blog. Just FYI, on blogspot sites for some reason my name shows no posts so please visit my blog site at http://www.onlinefabricstore.net/blog. Keep up the good work and wear that shirt proudly!

Prizler Photography said...

LOL... Can't wait to get the shipment in from the printing company. ((wink))
And I love that photo. But hey, why am I the only one looking into the camera? My silliness sure shows through, eh? When is that little girl EVER going to grow up?
Who's the kid in the background?

traci zeller designs said...

That is totally fantastic! I would ABSOLUTELY wear that with pride!

Deb said...

Oh! Thank you sis....we absoutely had a great time putting those shirts together. They look a lot bigger in the photo than they were in reality, haha. We may have been blogging long before you but you have quickly passed us by....your blog is fantastic and a great way to start the day. Oh, and love that picture and the matching sweaters!

L said...

I LOVE the t-shirts! What a creative & fun idea your sisters put together. Too funny! The picture is so cute.

Town and Country Gals said...

Great Tee! How fun are sisters! Reminds me of the song Rosemary Clooney sang with her "sister" in the movie, White Christmas! Your's went above and beyond to come up with those for you! Pretty cute! How about those dresses and matching sweaters! Sweet!