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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dreaming of a grand foyer

I took my chairs out of the dining room today so I could clean the floors. After our little 'photo shoot' the other day there was burlap lint everywhere. So I decided to wax the floors while I was at it. Maybe I am going overboard with the minimal look but I am loving the dining room table sans chairs! So clean! So uncluttered! 

I know, not very practical. Maybe my wanting to 'live with less' is clouding my thinking. Or maybe I just need one of those grand entries with a table with nothing on it except a large urn filled with flowers or a sculpture to satisfy this yearning for a 'chair-less' table I am having. 

Stephen Knollenberg - Architectural Digest

Hadley - House Beautiful 
Ken Gemes Interiors & Tria Giovan Photography via decorpad

Suzanne Kasler - House Beautiful

It is fun to dream. Hope your week is going well! 


Luciane at HomeBunch.com said...

Hello, my friend!

How are you doing?

Your floor is so shiny! How do you do it??? I need to wax mine to. :-)

I love your table. It's really pretty! I'm not sure about not using chairs, but I understand you craving "clean" and uncluttered. I feel teh same way and I have 2 small children, It's hard live w/out clutter with children running all day long around the house and dropping toys everywhere! lol

You're chosen really beautiful foyers. Good job!

Have a wonderful day!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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barb cabot said...

Oh I love your house with or without chairs, so nice. When did you repaint the walls in the dining room? Love the color.

lisaroy said...

I've always loved big entrances with a stunning table. Unfortunately ours barely fits the two of us when we walk in the door! love your table :)

Unknown said...

Hi Barb! Glad you like the new color. I re-painted last year sometime ... in the Spring? Can't remember... just remember waking up one day and couldn't live with all the yellow one more day and got out the paint rollers! I will have to have you over again ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks Lisa! When we added on I had two priorities ... 1. and entry 2. I didn't want a long skinny window over our bed. We ended up with a long skinny window over our bed and NO ENTRY. I created one by putting in a courtyard to give a feel of entering before you actually walked in the front door and then put the back of the sofa facing what should be the entry and put a sofa table behind to create an entry of sorts. It works. Thanks for 'following'! xo

Unknown said...

Hi Luciane, Thanks for noticing my shiny floor ;) I use this amazing product I found at Target ... OrangeGLO Hardwood Floor 2-in-1 clean & shine. It makes my very old wood floor look BRAND NEW!

Debbi Beverage said...

I've always loved the look of a round table in the foyer! So far I've not had a foyer that it would work in though. Maybe one day....
Debbi @ the beach

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Interesting how you have an accent wall (mocha color?) very pretty. It would be nice to have a candle lit dinner in there.
Mary Ann

Unknown said...

Hi Mary Ann, the accent wall kind of just evolved. I painted the living & dining room all the same color (Manchester Tan) and the mirror I wanted to put back up in the dining room didn't look good with the new color. So I painted that wall darker. And then I changed the mirror anyway! The color is a dark gray (Benjamin Moore HC 104 Copley Gray). I like it but it would be too much for the entire room.