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what I do

Thursday, February 17, 2011

How is your week going?

It was a gloomy, rainy day today. Inside and out. Last week I was overwhelmed with too much going on. This week ... everything changed. Appointments cancelled and I was left with too much time on my hands. Good right? Except I am just in slow motion (see symptom #1 below).

Jones Design Company

About 2:00 I emailed my sister, "a post that will never be published" filled with what my morning was really like (still not dressed, laundry not done, bed not made, office floor covered with papers and LOTS of other stuff) and telling her that I need to change my framed "I CAN NOT DO IT ALL" poster to a "I don't want to do anything" poster (see symptoms #2 and 3).

I took a long lunch break and watched TV (yes, in the middle of the day - are you reading this dear overworked husband?) and it was great (The Good Wife - do you watch that?). I think I would enjoy becoming a recluse. See symptom #4.

I forced myself to go back into my office ... I had stuff to do and a big mess to clean up. Instead started reading blogs. I looked at Jennifer Ramos' Made By Girl blog again ... wished I could paint like her. Wished I had her house. Wished I WAS her... (see symptom #5).

I want this
Love the art, love the simplicity, love the white. Want to start over.
Went over to the Royal Design Studio website to check out the stencils. Again. 

I want this wall too!
Clicked on to Kathysue's Good Life of Design blog. All of a sudden everything made sense. I have "the in-betweens." Read all about it in her post here and see if you are afflicted as well! Here are the symptoms:

  • Feeling tired.
  • No ambition to do anything.
  • Lack of excitement or enthusiasm.
  • The need to stay home and cuddle up with a blanket.
  • When looking around one’s home, nothing looks right.
  • Feeling the need for a whole transformation of one’s home.
  • Nothing seems to inspire you.
  • Avoid looking in the mirror.

So, I pulled myself together and cleaned up my office. And kept looking at the walls. And the art. And the frames. So tired of it. Too dark. Too blah. (see symptom #6).

So I turned it into this:

A work in progress ...
I already had the frames - some were old and some were new.  However I had nothing to put in the frames. I wasn't going to let that stop me. I took the one left over pillow cover that I bought from Jen at Mason Moonbeam (they came two packaged together) and framed that (I know, I will have to take it out someday!), and printed out some images from the computer. We'll see how long it lasts ;)

I never did get a shower. Actually I never even got dressed! (see last symptom).  


designchic said...

I had the same day yesterday, though I never did anything constructive. Adore the new picture gallery...creative and fabulous!!

Amy Chalmers said...

Sherri I have those days too. I appreciated it all written up in a list form, so it looks like an official synndrome. Of course I can blame the snow and the freezing cold air and....hmmmm. I want to do the stencils and I want to transform some of my home and I want to paint the hallway and the house just seems to get in disarray quickly...fighting the tides. I know I can be a whirlwind of accomplishment or I can lag at times, so just roll with it and enjoy your pajama day.

Luciane at HomeBunch.com said...

Oh, my friend... you did a GREAT job with your office. It looks very fresh! We all have days like that, trust me! I think it's OKAY to take a break, not have to do the bed for a couple of hour (or the day), not wear makeup... it's ok and you should let yourself be like that sometimes. I was soooo paranoid with everything around my house and I was getting really stressed and feeling grumpy because I had to have everything perfect. That was really bad for me and today, I still try to get everything organized, tide, but at the same time, if I am not feeling ok, I will take it easy. Do the same, don't punish yourself. You're human, not super-woman! :-) We all are like that.

Have that said, if you continue feeling this for weeks, then maybe your body needs some more vitamins. Keep an eye on it if it persists, ok?

Have a blessed day, my friend! :-)


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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Deb said...

Oh, so that's what it's called...the in betweens. I get it too. sometimes I think without deadlines, I would be a complete sloth....
The Good Wife is my favorite show....mom actually got me hooked on it!!

Town and Country Gals said...

It's good to finally know what's wrong with me!
I've had the "in betweens" for most of January and am just starting to pull out of it! Those symptoms, yes, had them all! Glad to have such a point by point diagnosis! The Good Wife is one of my favorite shows, watch it on the couch under my blanket! Your picture wall looks wonderful. Maybe all great minds need a break of nothing before they can do something fabulous! Love this post!
P.S. Sunny and 70 degrees today, can't complain about that!

Stephanie said...

Hey Sher,
I finally figured out how to post comments again! I've tried to post several, but wasn't doing it correctly. What I've been trying to post is that I LOVE YOUR BLOG! You are so inspiring, and your ideas give me ideas. I appreciate your diligence! And love that you share what's happening in your world...ah yes, the "in-betweens". Love that phrase. Who doesn't get them? I've learned to just go with it and relish the down time. It seems to work better that way, as it's true that "what you resist, persists".
Anyway, keep up the good work...and I have an idea of what you can do while your lounging...email me!
xoxo Steph

Kathysue said...

Hi Sherri, First thank you for the shout out!! You are so sweet to mention my blog. I think you are about to get out of the"IN-BETWEENS"!!
Good for you!! It will be gone pretty soon and I think you are well on your way. Love your office. What a great enviroment you have made to work in. Sending you good thoughts and a little sunshine, KS

A Vintage Vine said...

Great post! The "in betweens", it's a perfect phrase and describes me most of the time! The office looks great...thanks for sharing this..it made my night!