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what I do

Friday, May 13, 2011

A colorful gallery wall

I love putting together gallery walls for clients. Whether using family photographs, artwork or a combination of, gallery walls always make a great statement.
I came across "That girl ... Erika Brechtel's office gallery wall and fell in love ...

I love the colors and that it shows her unique personality. (Have you noticed how much I say, "love"?) You can read about her gallery wall and see more photos on her blog here.

Be inspired! Have a great weekend everyone ;)

{By the way... Blogger freaked out yesterday and when I went to post there was a note saying it was currently unavailable ... and this morning I found that my post from the day before had been erased. I re-posted it from an email (cut and pasted it) but all the comments are lost. Is this my sign to switch to wordpress I am wondering???}


Deb said...

I think this happened to everyone sherri....content was being restored by Blogger the last time I checked but don't think it has happened yet.
Everyone's allowed one bad day, right? :)

Sherri Cassara said...

Deb ... yeah, I'll give them one bad day.

Robbie said...

This office gallery is inspiring, thanks for finding it for us.

designchic said...

Beautiful...love the cheerful colors!!


I have seen this and it is certainly stunning!