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what I do

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Full house

My youngest daughter who is away at college is home for the summer. Yeah! I love having her home.

And my oldest daughter, the one who is having the baby is sharing her room with her (yeah again!). It is a long story and a great one but way too long to put in this post. In a nutshell, her husband got a great new job, but it is a couple of hours away and she is still finishing up the school year (she is a teacher) and they want to keep her doctor and deliver the baby here ... so he is commuting back and forth and living part-time away and part-time here and until August ... we have a full house!

My daughter's room is tiny and the closet space is limited and this soon-to-be "abuelita" has been thinking about things like where will these girls keep all their clothes and then where the baby will stay when they are visiting and where we keep all those little baby things and we might need a changing table... and the best answer for all those things was this:

Hemnes 8-drawer dresser from Ikea

It has drawer space for big girls staying here during the summer and a little girl who will be visiting often. I hope. It is high enough to be used as a changing table and the inside of the drawers have the cutest yellow and white ticking pattern.  But I didn't like the knobs.

So I went up to Target and changed them out. I would have loved to have put the ones from Anthropologie on them ... but I am saving my money for cute little baby girl things. The ones from Target were $14.99 for a pack of four. 

There is nothing like having your kids home. 

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annie@mostlovelythings said...

You are so right...there's nothing like having your kids home and how fun to be all together as you await the birth of her baby!

The new knobs on the dresser look great.

xo annie