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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Outside in?

I had to laugh this morning as I was covered in dirt and sweat planting flowers in my client's yard. When I started my design company ten years ago and named it Inside Out Design, the inside out represented my desire to start working inside the closets and cupboards (organizing) and then moving out to the rest of the house. As I wrote in my blog profile, it didn't actually end up that way. In actuality, most of the time I finish the decorating of the house long before I start the organizational process with a client, if even at all. Maybe I should change my name to Outside In Design!

But today, as I was finishing up the getting-ready-for-summer and the party this weekend for my client I thought how inside out was so perfectly applicable for my day today. Because instead of working on the inside of the house as I normally do, I was working on their outside (the yards). Your following this, right?

I didn't really do too much. I found these fabulous black glazed pots (I love the unique shape) and filled them with the most beautiful (and large) white Hydrangeas for some drama on the back steps. And then just went around the front and back and tucked in some color where it was needed. 

Speaking of flowers, the gorgeous bouquet that my client sent me last week was made by Joe Platt formally of Rainbows Flower Shop who still makes arrangements out of his house. I was so glad to hear that and even more excited to see him standing at my door last week with that gorgeous bouquet. If you live anywhere near the Long Beach area you should keep him in mind if you ever need a bouquet. He told me that he loves doing what he did for me and small events. Nothing huge. 
His number is: 562.598.8040. If you call him, tell him Sherri sent you!

The bouquet was gorgeous and held up nicely until I left the house all closed up and the heat came in and the tulips and some of the hydrangeas were not happy. I rescued what I could and put them in a smaller vase. It is still gorgeous!

I am linking up with "Flowers in the House" at  Small But Charming here.


Kellie Collis said...

These are lovely! Flowers can brighten up any space. Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

flwrjane said...

Beautiful out and in! Thanks for joining the house party.

Already I trust you , please come and do my closets:)

xo Jane

Amy Chalmers said...

wow those are pretty flowers! love that little bouquet!

Town and Country Gals said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! You did a great gob planting them all, hopefully you weren't having 90 plus weather like we are! Pretty funny about your co. name, pretty fitting if you ask me!

Unknown said...


Great job. The flowers look incredible. So pretty.


Oh boy...I seriously need some work OUTSIDE! It got so dang hot here SO fast. With everything that has been going on inside I have totally neglected everything else. LOVE how you pulled it all together.