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what I do

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A lazy Saturday & some decal love

I am being very lazy today. I just got back from driving my daughter back to school and moving her into her new apartment (yes, yet another one!). We are hoping this will be the last of the college apartments. But if it is not ... well, at least she has a mom who loves to help move!

While we were setting up her room, she found a decal that she had purchased for her last place and didn't use. You know how much I love using decals! If my sister who helps install decals for me is reading this ... sis, be grateful you weren't part of this one ... it was not the easiest. See the image above? It came in only two pieces (top and bottom). I cheated and cut it in to smaller pieces after I wanted to say some really bad words (ummm actually I think I did say the bad words) and that made it easier (the cutting not the cursing). Well, maybe both.

The trunk was a bit short and if I had started it on the floor the tree would have been a little dwarfed ... I love that we came up with the idea to have it coming out of the plug outlet. I'll let you come up with your own meaning!

In previous apartments, she has been able to paint but this one came with the standard white walls. The tree really makes it work. And speaking of decals ...

During my lazy Saturday morning spent catching up on some much needed sleep and opening up a few days worth of mail ... I found a fun brown envelope that came from The House of Smiths.

I am going to turn my plain white mixer into a statement piece ...

You know you want one too ... check them out here!
Hope you are having a great weekend everyone!


La Coquette de la Mode said...

I adore your use of decals!

XX Kathryn


MrsS said...

ummm no credit for finding the mixer decals? hellooooo!! :) love you.

Unknown said...

Mrs. S ... yeah ... I'm bad. I was planning on saying that you found them for me ... and then forgot. So sorry ... a rushed post is my excuse. Love you more.

Karena said...

First as hard as it may have been the tree decal is wonderful (do you have a source?)

The mixer change up is so fun also!!

Bravo Sherri!

Art by Karena

Unknown said...

Hi Karena - try this link for the decal:

Staci Edwards said...

Super fun! :) Oh, and peacock blue was a winner!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

The decals add whimsy, which is a great thing!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Such fun decals....and I COULD NEVER CALL YOU lazy!!!