what I do

what I do

Monday, January 2, 2012

My first "opportunity"

January 1st and I am still under the weather. Bah.
What does that really mean I thought so I looked it up just to make sure ...

under the weather
1. Somewhat indisposed; slightly ill.
2. Slang
a. Intoxicated; drunk.
b. Suffering from a hangover.

I kinda of think I'd prefer to have the second - which would mean I was actually celebrating or at least recovering from a night of fun (well, kind of just kidding but I would rather not be sick). Since I am not feeling well enough to venture out and I couldn't lay around and watch the Rose Parade all day (REALLY??? I was soooo disappointed this morning!), I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity ...

And go through my monthly files. You can read about my simple system here. I figured tax time will be here before I know it and it can't hurt to get a head start, right? And I was reminded while I had papers spread out on my office floor that I do this every year - I come down with a bug and use that opportunity to stay in (and in pajamas no less) and clean out the files.

But today I got a little obsessed and went though all of my files. It felt so good to get rid of papers that were cluttering up my file drawer (receipts for bikes we no longer have, and things that have been in the 'to be filed' file so long they do not need to be filed anymore!). This year I want to get rid of all my excesses ... I want to have just what I need and nothing more. And why not start with the papers I decided. 

And speaking of files  ...
Have you seen this?

So creative! You can read more about it here and see how it was done. Hope you are inspired!
Have a fantastic Monday :D

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