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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Black or white?

A couple of weeks ago I picked up Celerie Kemble's book, Black & White (and a bit in between).
It is a beautiful book and very inspiring - the images are stunning. You know how much I love white. I cannot get enough white some days. But black? That is new for me. Especially on the walls. But recently I was watching an old episode of The Closer (yes, my mother got me hooked on the re-runs when she would come over to see the baby when they were living with us - if she was here and it was 3:00 it had to be on!) and as always, I notice the decor first and there was the most fabulous living room with black walls. I had to pause the show to stare at it awhile and I have not been able to get it out of my mind. You know how you notice something and then you start seeing it everywhere? So tonight, as I was searching for images of swing arm wall sconces to help a client of mine visualize my idea for her reading room,  all I could see were black walls. Everywhere. And I am loving them. 

Beautiful right? And so dramatic. But then I wonder ... do I want drama? Or the calm of white. That is my dilemma right now. Black or white. Or black and white. Because I am in the mood to paint.

But regardless of the wall color, I know I am in love with the brass. And the sconces.

Phoebe Howard via

I hope my client will be too. 


lisaroy said...

I've looked through that book so many times but haven't splashed out for it yet. I love white as well but am loving a black room if it gets lots of light and has plenty of white in it to balance out the darkness of it. Art looks fantastic on black walls too. :)

Holly Gruszka said...

I think your inspiration photos are so classic and regal looking - you can't go wrong. Worse case scenario you paint over the black if it's amping you up too much, right? This book is on my wish list, but I still have two other books to finish up first and then I'll treat myself.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I have those circa lighting sconces in my kitchen. Love them.