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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A soft upholstery palette

I'm working with a new client on a small re-upholstery job ... recovering some kitchen chairs and a couple of chairs in her living room. The kitchen chairs get a lot of wear and so, as I usually do, I suggested using an outdoor fabric. 

Pindler & Pindler Halcona "Ocean" 100% solution dyed all weather acrylic

The existing living room chairs are pink and although she still loves them, she felt it was time for a little change. The carpet will be changed (it is green now) and she wanted new pillows for her white sofa (I love that it's white - the perfect clean slate for new pillows!!!). She is a traditional gal and really likes her greens and pinks and mauves. And she really didn't want to change her room too much. But she was a good sport and she let me show her some new ideas ...

When I am working with a new client I explain to them as we are working that my job is to give them the home they will love and feel comfortable in - not what I would love, necessarily. But I also explain that it is my job to help move them forward just a bit - or at least stretch their exposure to new ideas. So although my goal is to select what my client will ultimately love, it is hard for me to not show my excitement when I find things that I love too.

Which is what happened while we were selecting fabrics last week. While looking for a completely different palette, I came across a gorgeous Pindler & Pindler fabric called Bokhara (color - linen) and I could not help but show my enthusiasm for it. Much to my surprise my client loved it as well. Surprise, surprise! So, that was our jumping off point and the rest came together beautifully. The Bokhara will be the new sofa pillows as well as a blue-green solid.

New pillow fabrics

The living room chairs will be recovered in the softest blue (sky) and in addition, I am having the old brass casters removed and replaced with new espresso legs. The chairs sit very low now - the seat height is only 16" from the ground, so adding a new higher leg will make them more comfortable and give them a more proportioned look. The new chevron (zigzag) fabric will update them in a subtle way.  

I think these new fabrics will be just the thing to bring this room up to date. 

before photos of client's living room
Pindler & Pindler Bokhara "Linen"      |     Duralee 32359 "Sea Green"      |      Pindler & Pindler Rythmic "Sky


Anonymous said...

Love the zigzag / chevron patterned fabric. It's the perfect blend of trad and mod!

Holly Gruszka said...

Sherri, I love these posts. And I completely agree that keeping with the clients comfort level is important but introducing new ideas and inspirations is key to pushing them to that next step and exploring more options - well said Sherri. And I think what you've chosen here is that next step for your client - current but still in the palette she is drawn to. I can't wait to see this come together. And I love the channel back on the chairs.

Unknown said...

Thanks Amy and Holly :D