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what I do

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mood boards and photo collages

Ever since I heard that Picnik is closing I have tried to come up with alternate ways to collage my photos together. This is how I like to do it:

It works well for a few photos and I am going to miss being able do this, but it does not give you the ability to overlap or give information about the items. I have never really mastered the computer mood board but I have been playing around with Olioboard and although I have not figured it out completely, I do like what it allows me to do.

It is nice to be able to give a client a better visual but trying to master all these new techniques is time consuming and mind boggling. I would love to hear what programs you use for mood boards and if you have a program that allows you to simply collage your photos.


pve design said...

I need to learn to do this as I seem to have images saved in many spots and gathering them in one collage would be so helpful.
There is one other one that many designers use. I will find out the name and report back.
Great boards!

Holly Gruszka said...

I use Olioboard too Sherri and I really like it. It looks like you've gotten really good with it too. I love this board that you put together and the blue that you brought in. I like that Olioboard holds the sources for the products as well.

Holly Gruszka said...

pve design might be referring to Polyvore? I've tried it but I was more accustomed to Olioboard so I stuck with it. I've also contemplated purchasing Photoshop Elements but I know there will be a learning curve with the program.

Anonymous said...

I've yet to master the online collages. In college, I used powerpoint, but now that I work on a mac...I don't really use that anymore. I used Polyvore once, but I don't really like that it doesn't really work for room inspiration shots...usually only individual items.
I'm looking forward to trying out some of your reader's suggestions!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Well, my skills need some help. I make collages in Picasa and Olioboard. Everything takes time to learn your way around it!

Unknown said...

Thanks Holly - this was my first attempt so I'm sure it will get easier. I do love that it gives you the sources.

Unknown said...

Thanks Kim - your collages are great which just proves I need to spend more time getting it better. I did download Photoshop but it is complicated and I have not had time to educate myself on that either.

Jessie said...

You did great for the first time and I love the rug you picked! I have tried Olioboard, Polyvore but the one I am using all the time is mydeco.com. I just find it easier to use.

Have a good weekend, Sherri!