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Monday, June 11, 2012

Curtains for closet doors

I am still working on the general plan for the two little girl's rooms and went back to HomeGoods to pick up a few more options (you know, just in case). I cannot tell you how many comments I got from other shoppers while wheeling around these new treasures in my cart - this stuff is so cute!  I'm in love with these quilts and they are only $30 each.

The closet doors in one of the little girl's rooms are large and very heavy mirror doors. On one of the doors the mirror is broken near the bottom which is not good but the bigger problem for me honestly is the fact that they are so heavy the little girl cannot open and close them.

One of the things I have been hired to do, besides making these girl's rooms look cute, is to make them more organized. I have said this before, but being organized is not necessarily about being neat (although I do think part of what these girl's mom wants is to have less clutter showing); being organized is really about function. And if you cannot get your closet door open easily you are probably not going to be putting your things away, right?

Because the budget is tight on this project I thought it would be fun to take the doors off completely and hang curtains instead. It will bring in some color and pattern and softness to a room that is very heavy on furniture and has very little wall space. And most importantly it will give the owner of this room, an adorable 8 year old, the ability to access her closet easily.

I was excited to hear from the little girl's mom, that her daughter was really excited about the curtains. My hope is to make the closet neat and tidy and easy for her to keep it that way.

What about you? Would you ever take off your closet doors and replace them with curtains?


A Perfect Gray said...

love the curtain look. I have not done it but like to see how creative folks are with them...donna

Prizler Photography said...

Think I need an entire house hidden by the curtain...but then how do I attach the rods?
"Pay no attention to the clutter behind the curtain...."

Deb said...

lol Patti!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I absolutely would do it. We have those nasty bifold louvered closet doors circa 1972 and a pretty fabric would be a huge improvement. Might be the perfect solution to hid my upcoming closet/office!


Unknown said...

I've seen the idea of having curtains for closet doors and I like it! It looks more unique and you can change the curtains more often than doors and have fun with it.

Holly Gruszka said...

We actually did this in my daughter's room. We bought our house from an older couple who never had children, so the middle room had this big closet that spanned the width of the one wall (I think it was for all of the woman's clothes and shoes - lucky lady!) but the doors were heavy, large, real wood accordion doors (ugh!) So we replaced those with white curtains from IKEA and it looks so much softer and easier on the eye. I think your little client will love the new look and the ease of being able to access her closet too. HomeGoods has some great stuff for you!

Holly Foxen Wells of Glamour Mash said...

Oh my gosh, YES! It opens up the room so much and forces you to utilize closet space that is sometimes forgotten and easily cluttered. Love those sheets by the way. What would we do without Homegoods?!

Thanks for your sweet comment today :)

holly foxen wells

Vidya said...

I love this idea.. nice colors and nice collection of curtains.. Love you blog! adding you to my blogroll :-)