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what I do

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Flower Mart day

The Flower Mart was outstanding today ... I could not have been happier with what we found. I had told the bride a couple of weeks ago ... sorry, there are no more peonies. They are gone. But surprisingly they had them. However we did not get them - they didn't look like they would open in time for the wedding. But we found beautiful garden roses, David Austin (my favorite) roses, and roses that looked just like peonies. I took the mother of the bride with me ... and we had so much fun!

It was fun to experience the Flower Mart through the eyes of someone who has never been before.

As usual they had a ton of Hydrangeas - and in just the right color for this wedding. We are using peaches, soft pinks, creams and white. 

My little car was filled to capacity!

And so is my refrigerator! My husband is a good sport. Sorry honey... we have to eat out for a few days!

I am crossing my fingers that the flowers stay perfect until Friday.

Hope your week is going well ... Happy Wednesday everyone!


Unknown said...

I love your flower picks, Carlene...and all of your cute garden decor!
The Magic Killer Designs

StagerLinda said...

Great pictures. I want to dive into those flowers. Can't wait to see how you transform these beauties for the wedding. Get some rest before the big day!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

HOW DO YOU DO IT?? The SF flower mart just overwhelms me…so much. You got some great picks.