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Monday, August 18, 2014

More wedding preparations and my DIY rose petal paper cones

It is wedding week ... again :)

I spent the weekend brushing up on my DIY skills ... This adorable bride (seriously, I just love my brides and this one is just the sweetest thing) wanted to have rose petals thrown after the ceremony. I thought it would be fun to make paper cones to put them in and hang them behind the aisle chairs. You guys know I am not a huge crafter and when it comes to DIY projects, most of the time I would prefer to just buy it already done. But these weddings inspire me to get out of my comfort zone a bit and attempt things I would normally not do. I have to take my hat off to all those Etsy ladies (and men?) that make things and sell them so inexpensively because this stuff takes a lot of time! 

I found this gal - she is selling 50 "book page" paper cones for $30. I think that is a really good deal ...

And look at what this gal makes:

Aren't they gorgeous? She sells these for $2.15 each.

Okay, so back to my little project:

This bride is a literature major and I wanted to tie that into her wedding.  A few weeks ago, I saw some vintage books filled with Shakespeare's plays at the flea market and thought they would be perfect to use for the cones. 

My first attempt

I tried making one just using the paper from the books but it was a little too 'blah' so I decided to line the cones with the paper and use something a little more colorful for the outside. It added another step (well, a couple more steps) but it was well worth it. 

I picked up a sheet of scrapbook paper - in the only color that was close to what I was looking for ... but wasn't entirely happy with the color. So I scanned it into my computer, put it into my photoshop program (iPhoto) and tweaked the color (made it brighter) and printed it out in 8x8" sheets. I cut the book pages to 8x8" sheets and glued the two papers together with a simple glue stick, wrapped the cone and hot glued one corner to hold it together. I think they came out great!

Thankfully I only had to make 40. 

The maid of honor's dress was used to match the place cards. The cards are color coded so the servers will know which meal each guest ordered.

The place cards will be tied on to the silverware. The reception is next to the ocean and the wind was going to blow the cards all over the place... so I thought tying them to the silverware would look really pretty. This is the general idea:

This is going to be a spectacular wedding ... we will be hanging 1,000 cranes ...

And this beauty that the mother of the bride made will be on the guest book table. 

I have been playing around with different vignette and sign ideas and framing quotes that the bride sent me to use in her wedding.

I saw these at the flower market last week and am hoping they will have them again this week!

That is all the sneak peek you get ... The wedding is Friday - you won't have to wait too long to see it finished! Happy Monday everyone ... have a wonderful week!


Nancy said...

you're killing me making me wait. I love all the quotes. we used only one on the place settings at our reception...it was more like a list like "keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry. Live simply, expect little, give much." perfect for a new life's beginning I think. wish we'd used more quotes though...and you as our planner :) Good luck to this young couple...what a lovely way to begin a new life together. BTW...we have three sons, not going for the girl either. would it be wrong to book you in advance for their weddings? you know, before they're all even ten?

Unknown said...

Nancy, you are so cute! I will probably be 100 years old when your kids are grown! :) xo

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Hi Sherri...This is going to be a beautiful wedding...love all the details that you have thought of..that's what makes a good design great!

Luciane at HomeBunch.com said...

Hi Sherri.

I just stopped by and went some of your posts... you are incredible, Sherri.

I love the attention to detail you always deliver to each and every work you do. That's beautiful!

Wishing a wonderful day!

Luciane from HomeBunch.com