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what I do

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Out with the old ... in with the new

"That moment" ... when you discover you have an extra hour because you forgot to set your office clock back. This happened to me yesterday and it was such a gift! How is your week going? Are you enjoying the time change? I am loving getting up with the sun ... I am not loving it getting dark so early.

Several (four?) years ago I purchased an Ikea dresser for our guest room. It was the summer both girls were home. It was a temporary need and at some point the dresser ended up in the kitchen.

When we remodeled our kitchen we threw a marble top on it and it serves as extra storage and occasionally as a sideboard for serving. I never changed the glass knobs I had put on it when it was in the bedroom.

Add a couple of years, current research on some kitchen remodels I am working on, fabulous Pinterest images of amazing brass hardware, a nice gift card balance at Anthropologie .... can you see where this is going?

Out with the old ...

In with the new!

I'm kind of loving it!

I am also loving the progress we are making in this living room ... 

Here are a couple of inspiration boards I presented to the client when we started. The goal was to add some color and storage to a plain living room:

This was purchased ...

Britt Bass Turner | via

 The Ikea media cabinet and new lamp is in place ...

And the new pillows are finished. The client found the ottoman at HomeGoods. Love. The new rug is on its way.

You might also remember this board:

I posted about this master bedroom here and here. The mirror arrived and everything is in place. 

My iPhone photos are not doing me any favors these days ... I have got to learn how to use the camera I bought last year ... something else to do in my spare time. 

Oh, and I just saw this! Have you read the book?


Mary Ann Pickett said...

Love the brass knobs and the zebra bench. Looking good!!!!!

Nancy said...

I love the new brass knobs as well. makes me think I need some for my kitchen island. :)

StagerLinda said...

Great, fun addition with the brass knobs!