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what I do

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A few projects I am working on

I am working on a number of projects right now - some small and some not so small ... 

One of the projects is a re-design of a master bedroom I did 8 years ago. How is it that eight years seems like three? The bedding was starting to look worn and the client was ready for something new. She had already purchased all white bedding (can you see my big smile?) and was hoping bring new life to the room. We will be keeping the bed, replacing a matching armoire with a new dresser, adding a floor mirror and area rug and replacing/changing around some lighting. Here is the bed currently:

The bedroom "before"

Playing around with new bedding ideas ...

The client has a fantastic zebra bench at the foot of the bed - part of Drexel Heritage's Postobello collection that has been discontinued since we purchased it. It is still one of our favorite things in the room. We decided to move the bench to the side wall and place a large floor mirror behind it. We are removing an armoire that was on the side wall and replacing it with a dresser that will go under a television that is on the wall in front of the bed. It will give more storage (and better storage - it has some small jewelry drawers) and will allow more room on the side of the bed. Moving the bench makes room for the new dresser. 

Dresser by Lexington

Drexel Heritage - Postobello Home Collection - discontinued

We will be adding this gorgeous new rug ...

And removing the beautiful chandelier for a ceiling fan - a very hard thing to do because we love the light fixture but they need a fan. Fortunately I was able to find a fan that the client liked and compliments the room design:

Ceiling fan by Rejuvenation

We will be adding a couple of new side table lamps, a floor lamp (to make up for the lost chandelier) and some new pillows. 

Another project I am in the middle of is a family room remodel. I am in the process of designing a new media cabinet while we wait for new french doors to be installed and some light construction to be completed. It is a slow moving project ... but I did get the new pillows delivered last week ...

And a new rug and coffee table ottoman will be delivered soon.

Wing Chair before

 In between I helped a darling lady with some small re-upholstery items and a new area rug.

Pindler | Benisa Rouge | no longer available

All brightened up with a new Pindler fabric and a fresh new rug (that you can barely see).

And wedding season is finally here ... I am working on three weddings right now ... This is the beginning of one. 


Nancy said...

do you ever rest? I get exhausted just reading about all that you're doing...cant wait to see how the master bedroom turns out...I know it will be divine! and that pindler fabric...loves! I've had my eye on this blue version... http://lsfabrics.com/fabric/artissimo-14

Unknown said...

Glad to see you're staying so busy.
Love new wing chair fabric and I know your weddings will be equally fabulous!

Unknown said...

The fabric is great looking in the blue Nancy. Thanks Kimberly :)