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what I do

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstice and a French pot

I've been having problems with my neck lately and I have been advised to not spend as much time on my computer as I do ... and to take frequent breaks. So this week I took two nice long breaks and went outside and worked in the yard a bit. It is such wonderful therapy for me to get outside in the beautiful sunshine and garden. Even if all I am doing is cleaning up. Which is mostly what I did. A lot of trimming, raking, and sweeping. I worked like a dog ... even sawed down a tree really big bush.

Ahhh... do you see all those healthy aphids? My next task ... put a little soapy water on them to save the roses.

After it was all cleaned up, I met a client at HomeGoods to look at a few things for her house and while I was there I could not help but notice a beautiful green pot. In the clearance aisle. Yeah, it had my name on it. 

I have no idea why it was on clearance. It was originally $200 marked down to $100 and then on clearance for $45. It has a tiny little spot where the glaze is gone - about the size of a pea. Nothing I can't fix with a green marker and a little clear nail polish if I wanted to. And to make it even better, I used a belated birthday gift card from a friend. Thank you M!

This morning I planted a few plants inside. It is the perfect happy little exclamation point to celebrate all my hard work. And to mark the Summer Solstice. 


 I hope you are enjoying this longest day of the year today :)


annie@mostlovelythings said...

This is so pretty Sherri! I love your French pot and with a view of the pool...perfection!

StagerLinda said...

I covet that green pot! It is my new fav color. It is awesome and your planting look lovely. Great find!