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what I do

Friday, June 6, 2014

Odds and Ends

Hello? Anyone still here? I think this is the longest I have ever gone without posting anything. So long that I started getting, "Are you okay?" messages... Oops. It is crazy how fast time is rushing by. Here is a bit of what I have been up to...

My God-daughter and I started a fun tradition a couple of years ago of going to Color Me Mine each March to celebrate her birthday. This year I made a little plate inspired by one of Kate Spade's that I had been coveting. You can see Kate's here.

I am still working on the two little boy's rooms and recently stopped by Ikea to check on some furniture I wanted to use. While I was there I saw the lamp I had selected for the rooms and seeing it in person it made me fall in love with it even more. I decided I had to have one for me as well (the upside/downside of this job!). 

Don't you love that cord?!?

I also saw this new furniture at Ikea and it is fabulous; it looks way more expensive than it is. It comes in white as well but the gray is amazing:

I have also been working on sorting my 20,000 photos. I had a mishap at the Apple store where the trainer who was helping me back-up my photos ended up making duplicate and triplicates of everything and then ultimately deleting them. Some help, huh? After 8 hours at the Genius Bar we were able to re-store my library but I had to go back and remove the duplicates and re-organize everything. You know how you take a million photos go get that one great shot? Well, everything was in there - and I had to go back through and delete and delete until I had just what I wanted. It was extremely time-consuming but kind of fun. Especially seeing all the photos of my house over the years and the changes transformation. Like the entry ... it seems nothing stayed in one place for very long.

And this little room (photo from 2010) has been changed around more times than I can count:

In the beginning, it was our office, then a nursery, my youngest daughter's room and finally a high-schooler's get-ready-for-a-small-dorm room. For a couple of years, after my youngest went away to college, it was a "storage facility" for my wedding and styling accessories and now it is our guest room where my little granddaughter sleeps when she is here. It has always been the catch all room ... the room where discarded lamps and artwork goes ...

I'm glad it has a lamp of its own now :)

I have a few fun upholstery and paint projects I will share with you next time. Come back ... I am still around :) Have a great weekend everyone! xo


Mary Ann Pickett said...

Super duper cute. I pinned the lamp!

Robbie said...

So nice to have you back, I've missed your posts. As always your blog is an inspiration.