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Friday, March 4, 2011

Fear of failure

"It is hard to fail but it is worse to never have tried to succeed."
         - Theodore Roosevelt

I spent some time driving today and listening to talk radio. I was listening to Dave Ramsey. Do you know who he is? His thing is good money management in a nutshell. He doesn't believe in debt. Or spending what you don't have. I think he is very smart and I enjoy listening to his money advice. Plus he just sounds like a nice guy. But today, he was talking about something else. He was talking about missing opportunities because of fear.

via A Punch of Color

He said, "There is a pain in failure, but there's a different kind of a pain in never having tried." You were supposed to be something and you never did it. There's a pain that goes with that and I've got to tell you that pain is so much greater than the pain of failure. More people hold back and miss their dreams by that fear and then the pain that goes with that is greater than the fear of failure."

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That inspires me. I just had to share. Happy weekend everyone!  ;)


Carol@6WilsonBlog.com said...

That speaks my language of late. Thanks Sherri :)

Amy Chalmers said...

Love that too. Makes perfect sense to me. Lets hear it for all the "tryers" right?

Luciane at HomeBunch.com said...


I agree with that and I think all of us have a bit (or a lot) of this fear. We should be more brave and believe more in yourselves. We have so much to offer... we just need to go ahead!

Have a Great Weekend, my friend!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

Kathysue said...

Dave Ramsey is my hubbys go to finance guy. He thinks he is very logical and makes sense. It sounds as if he has more to offer than just money advice. Love what he said and it is so true!!Happy weekend,Kathysue

Haven and Home said...

Love Dave, love him. This is so inspiring to me. Some days (weeks) can be really trying running your own business, reminders like this make it all better.

traci zeller designs said...

Love that!