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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A new children's book & a little sister bragging

I received a package in the mail today. Which is not really all that unusual except that it was from Amazon and I had already received the book I ordered from them last week and I didn't remember ordering anything else. But honestly, with all the stuff I have on my mind right now and how fast I can order something from Amazon with the one-click ordering (even from my phone) I figured I had just forgotten. So curiously I opened it up.

It was a gift from my sister! She had sent copies of her latest children's book, Picnic at Camp Shalom. My sister, Deborah Melmon is the illustrator. It is a story about two little girls who meet at camp and get into a little tiff over a big misunderstanding. Maybe I am partial, but it is the cutest book I have seen in a long time. It is a good story with a nice message ... and the illustrations are wonderful. Here are some of my favorites: (notice how she captures, with such simplicity, their expressions perfectly!)

My sister is soooo talented and i love love love this book. It is a must have for anyone with young girls! You can order it from Amazon by clicking here and you can watch the book trailer for more of her illustrations below. Thanks sis!!! 


pve design said...

love it....and I need it for my daughter...seems all girls need a little time for cooling off and then re-connecting like nothing ever happened.

Unknown said...

How fun is that! With 3 girls (& one boy)...I will be ordering for our house. Thanks for sharing! -Ann

annie@mostlovelythings said...

yes...she is talented...beautiful illustrations!