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what I do

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Carpet tiles

I went by the pediatric clinic today to finish up a couple of details. I had to level the Ikea frames now that the photographs have been added and did a little repair work on some of the canvases that had tears in them. I used duct tape to repair the tears (just put a patch of duct tape on the back) and then mixed up some acrylic paint and covered up the white canvas showing through the tear.

Tip: To keep artwork level, I take  painter's tape and wad up a couple of pieces (sticky side out) and use them to secure the frame to the wall. I used to use quake hold but I found that it left an oily spot on the paint afterward. The painter's tape does not hurt the wall if the artwork is removed later. Using the tape keeps the artwork level even if it is bumped or while being cleaned.

While I was there I got to peek inside the finished classrooms. I had not seen the rugs installed yet and they really finish off the rooms (I could only get into one to photograph). One of the teachers commented on how much they love the clinic - their classrooms, the kitchen and even the conference room. She said she doesn't even want to leave at night. That was so rewarding to hear!

The area rugs were custom designed FLOR rugs. I used them primarily because they come in individual pieces, or tiles, which can be replaced if stained or damaged. Because these rugs are being used in a pre-school setting and also with autistic children the risk of an accident soiling the rug is highly probable. The rugs will need to be cleaned often and so using a commercial grade carpet was also important. Being able to replace a 'tile' if needed was an added bonus. What I love about the FLOR carpet tiles is that I did not have to sacrifice design at all. They come in many colors and patterns. I selected a simple rug with a main solid color and with a second color as a border. Originally I had planned to use a few more colors but it was decided that the multi-colored rug would be too distracting to the children. The style I used is called Toy Poodle. The carpet tiles are easy to install and the possibilities are endless with all the colors and styles available:

Aren't they great?


Elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

Your design turned out fabulous Sherri!I am a big fan of the Flor carpet tiles. They really have a wide range of patterns and styles.

Marianne said...

Bravo to you! Everthing turned out perfectly.

Unknown said...

They're brilliant!