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Friday, February 10, 2012

Got art?

Finding affordable artwork can be a challenge for my clients and also for myself. For most of my life I have had "place-holder art" - cheap reproductions or cut out pages from calendars or art books.

Having a piece of original art feels different. It feels like you are a part of someone's soul. But it can be expensive.

You Can Be Cool, Too - Michelle Armas

One of my favorite artists right now is Michelle Armas. I would love to own one of her paintings - like this one for example, and at $2,000 it is a good price for an original painting. But not in my price range.

Save the Bugle - Michelle Armas

But she has smaller paintings - like this 18" x 36" canvas for $400:

So - Michelle Armas

Or this colorful 18" x 18" canvas for only $200.00 (since I posted this, this painting has been sold):

Resolutions - Michelle Armas

And if you go on to her Etsy site, she has even more reasonable options - signed prints which can be as little as $30. 

Wise Math Print - Michelle Armas

Playa (print) - Michele Armas

Zatista is another good source for original art. I recently purchased this Oak Tree woodcut by Michelle Han. It was $35.00. 

Oak Tree woodcut - Michelle Han

Another place I like to look for limited edition signed lithographs is Art 20 x 200. Founder Jen Beckman's came up with a simple formula back in 2007 which launched 20x200. The formula is this: (limited editions + low prices) + the internet = low prices for everyone. 20x200 releases at least 2 new works a week and some are under $25.00. I first heard of 20x200 from a client of mine. She purchased a couple of these and asked me to help her frame them:

Praia Piquinia by Christian Chaize

A 80" by 60" limited edition, signed and numbered print of Praia Piquinia by Christian Chaize sells for $10,000. But it is also available in smaller sizes ranging from a 24" x 20" for $600 to a 14" x 11" for a mere $60.00. (They have recently sold out).

West Elm (a favorite shopping place of mine) recently teamed up with 20x200 and they are selling framed prints. Which is how I heard about them the second time.

Local art galleries, street fairs and community art-walks are wonderful places to find original art, but don't overlook online sources like Etsy, Zatista and 20x200 - you might find something a little more gentle on your budget.

Can you believe it is Friday already? Happy Weekend everyone!


MrsS said...

WOW!!! I loooove Praia Piquinia by Christian Chaize. Love love. Nice post!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing these artists. Love Michelle Armas work. Wow!!!!
Happy weekend.

sally said...

Thank you for all the lovely art and great info.! I'm sending this to my daughter who is looking to sell some of her originals.

annie@mostlovelythings said...

I love all of this...and i love that there are so many ways in which to start an art collection now.


Love Michelle's work.....pretty art doesn't have to be a luxury anymore!

Unknown said...

Nice! I have MA's playa print too.. love it :) Your's is styled gorgeously! x