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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wedding planning on a budget

The most common questions I get when speaking to potential wedding clients are about the budget and how to start. Even if a couple has an idea of what they want to spend, they are often uninformed of the potential costs involved in planning a wedding.

As with most design projects, staying within a couple's budget can be quite a challenge and yet one of the most important considerations. I have found that often when a wedding budget is on the smaller side a couples tend to gravitate towards venues that seem inexpensive, like a backyard, the beach, or a park setting. But what they don't always understand is that when you have to bring in everything - the tables, the chairs, the china, the flatware, etc., the expenses can add up quickly. So when I am planning a wedding like that I prefer to start with the rental expenses first. 

Not only does it give me a starting point in the direction the wedding decor will go, but it also helps set the budget for the less expensive things. Today I met with a lovely couple who had some fun ideas for their outdoor wedding.

For this lovely outdoor barn wedding we selected large wooden tables and beautiful Chiavari chairs. Benches with white cushions to match the chair cushions will flank the ends of the tables and be incorporated into the ceremony seating as well. And although they are more expensive than other tables and chairs, they will be a huge presence and will allow the rest of the decor to be more on the minimal side; a lovely satin runner, lots of votive candles and simple flowers.

Which is just the way I like it!

images from here and here.


Victoria said...

What could be more beautiful than a bouquet of peonies and hydrangea? It sounds like this will be a lovely wedding.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

HOW lovely. And your new header is beautiful.

Town and Country Gals said...

Sounds like the wedding is going to be lovely! Interesting information and great photos!
PS. love your new header!