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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tricia Guild and the perfect wallpaper

I met with a new client today who has the most beautiful home. Seriously beautiful. Just the the view alone is spectacular. She has recently painted most the the interior walls a lovely gray and is gradually updating her furnishings from the reds and golds and greens to a fresher palette of grays and whites and navy.

 I took a few working "before" photos but did not ask her permission to post them so I hope she doesn't mind this little peek ...

Among other things, she wants to wallpaper her powder room and she had found a pattern that she really liked. She did not know anything about it (who made it) or even the name of the store where she found it. But she had a photo. I told her I would try to find it and really hoped that I could.

So I came home tonight and googled topiary & wallpaper and guess what I found!

Ah... the beauty of technology! The wallpaper is by Designers Guild (their Linnaeus Collection) and comes in 11 different colorways including the one she found, indigo. Designers Guild, based in the UK, is run by Tricia Guild (who is the founder and creative director) and her brother, Simon Jeffreys. 

I love the vibrant colors and patterns that Tricia Guild is known for - there is nothing subtle about her designs. (I could look through her books all day long). Tricia Guild's Design and Detail (1988) was one of the first design books I ever purchased and completely challenged me with her fearless use of color. If you are not familiar with her work, you should definitely check her out. 

images via Designers Guild
wallpaper images


lizziefitz said...

Ahh , google , love it! I have been gaga over the paper in the bottom right corner. I have never tired of seeing it. Look forward to seeing this project :)

Unknown said...

I love love white & blue, and the second image just confirm it!! Stunning.
Have a nice day.


I haven't seen that one! Must go check it out....thanks!