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what I do

Monday, February 13, 2012

Planning a laundry room

I'm working with a client / friend of mine and we are remodeling her laundry room. She is a gal that I have known for years and have helped her decorate room after room in her house as well as helping her with numerous organizing projects. In fact, she was my very first official "paying" client when I first started my business. Working with her is more fun than business and we spend a lot of time talking about other things while we are working - "life" kinds of things.

The day I met with her to look at her existing laundry room, I found this on her bulletin board:
"Your lack of planning is not my emergency"
I cannot remember the context of why she had it posted like that - if she heard it somewhere or read it somewhere, or had the thought herself when someone tried to impose their schedule on to her ... but I loved it.

That's all. Happy Monday!


Unknown said...

Oh, I love that.. it's so true! x

annie@mostlovelythings said...

That quote kind of reminds me of a Sunday night a few weeks ago when at 8:30pm my 12 year old says, "does anyone have a poster board?" Does that just scream "lack of planning?"

These laundry rooms are gorgeous!