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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dining room switch complete

The dining room switch has been completed and although there are a few finishing touches that will need to be added to the sitting room side of the space (we are still waiting for the chandelier, the lamp and rug and a few more pillows to be made) I thought it was time for the big reveal.

Remember, this is the room that used to be the formal living room that never got used. The color scheme for many years was a light blue and red and the client loved it. But she was ready for something new.  She also had a new piece of art she wanted to incorporate somewhere and I thought it was the perfect jumping off place to set the tone for the new room by adding some modern touches and a some brighter colors to a previously very traditional space. 

I wanted to bring in a darker blue - a navy - that would richen up the blues that were already woven throughout this lovely beach home and add some turquoise for a new change.  It all started coming together when we found this Ikat fabric from B|Berger to use on the backs of the new wingback chairs.

Here is the mood board I put together to help the client see my vision. The pencil legs on the Petrie chairs from Crate and Barrel reminded me of the people in the painting:

The sideboard was added and the art wall installed:

The bar cabinet that previously separated the two rooms was moved into the family room where it could be enjoyed when they entertain outdoors:

The new chairs for the sitting room arrived and the new artwork framed and hung. I left room for a 24" high lamp with a white drum shade to sit on the new nesting table. The rug is on it's way and the turquoise beaded chandelier should arrive soon too.

Are you ready for the final reveal?

Here is what the room looked like before:


And here is the room now:


A successful switch!


Jessie said...

Simply gorgeous! Love the transformation!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Beau lifestyle said...

Ma sheri amore ;)
loved the revealing, adore the beach painting, can you please tell me where you got it? It reminds me of Nice or Cannes where I met my boyfriend 10 years ago.
xoxoxo Chantal

StagerLinda said...

Ooooh La Laa! Love the wing chairs---one jutapositioned to the side and the amazing print. The lamp with the drum shade is to die for. Wonderful art wall! Lovely!

SHCInsideOut@gmail.com said...

Hi Chantal - you are right ... they purchased the painting in Cannes.

Holly Gruszka said...

I want to come over for a cocktail party! Sherri, it's beautiful. You did such a great job incorporating a fun new color palette and the blend of textures is so nice. Great great work Sherri! Oh and I love how the legs of the chair remind you of the people in the painting - you're right and that is awesome!

Julia Ryan said...

I found you this morning on Kirsten's feature and so glad I did. Your designs are so eclectic and really look pulled together buy lived in. Not just builder show-room or a room to expensive looking no one would dare drink wine with their feet up. I'm loving looking through your old posts! xoxox

Emily said...

I love that blue rug you had in your mood board! Where is it from? I have been looking for one like that for a long time.