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what I do

Friday, May 25, 2012

White White White

I have been working all week on two really great projects - both of which are very colorful.

The days have been long and although I can't complain - I mean, seriously, I have a job that most of the time does not feel like a job at all and is mostly what I would call fun - but it can still feel exhausting.

And so when I come home, I need to have my space feel clean. And white. And although I do love color and have put more color in my home this past year than ever ... I still need it to be balanced with a lot of white.

Because to me, white feels calming and clears my head of all the thoughts that run through it long after my work day should be done.

And so I thought I would share with you some white today. Just because.

I hope it gives you a nice feeling too! Have a really good day!

images via my pinterest board "white"


Mary Ann Pickett said...

I need white too! It's a great canvas. Hope you get to relax a bit this weekend.

Unknown said...

Grea feeling! I love white.
A job that most of the time does not feel like one, please can you tell me how I get that?

StagerLinda said...

White is soothing. But, I LOVE the dining room with all the color. I have a serious passion for blue at the moment. Those wingback chairs are AMAZING.