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what I do

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Use your best now

I have been on a rampage around my house de-cluttering, cleaning out, getting rid of. My goal as I talked about here is to have just what I use or really love. And no more. No more storing things because I may need it "someday". I have been ruthless ... if I haven't used it in a couple of years - it is out the door. If I do not like it - it is gone. Well, inanimate objects only, haha - the cat has had a worried look on his face for the past week.

organized hoarding? 

Part of my de-cluttering process is going through all the back issues of magazines that have piled up. It is clear when I lost control of them as they date back to November 2011. Not bad. But when you subscribe to 6 magazines, 7 months of piling up is a lot of magazines. Oh but what fun I am having.

Way to make use of the stacks! 

I found this quote from Annie Brahler in an interview by Douglass Brenner in House Beautiful's May 2012 issue (I'm working backwards so I am not too far into my reading):
My parents are Dutch, and they used their china, their silver, everyday. I think it's a largely American mentality to save 'best' things for later, to protect them so much that you don't enjoy them. They didn't do that in Holland. If something happened to an old platter, that simply added to its story, because it happened in our life. It became a memory instead of a scar." - Annie Brahler
Exactly! Have what you use. Use what you have. My new mantra.

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Robbie said...

What a satisfying way to live. I would add, "like what you have." Of course, maybe you already said that in an earlier post. Have a great weekend and let us know how you feel when you step into your "use what you have house".

CarolAnne - camdesign said...

I need to get there... I look around a see stuff. Guess the trick is to start & work at it until your done... thanks for giving me the push I needed to start the keep only what you need...and like...and use.

Jessie said...

I like your new mantra! I need to start getting rid of stuff too. :)

Happy Mother's Day, Sherri! Enjoy your day!