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Monday, May 21, 2012

Switching rooms

The wingback chairs arrived for the new dining room I am working on ... you know, the one where we moved the dining room into the former living room (see previous posts here and here).

They turned out great ... I quickly snapped a few photos with my iphone but wish I had taken a few better ones. The front fabric is a Sunbrella outdoor fabric that will be easy to clean - which is so important for a dining chair ... and especially one in a home with a family of kids and dogs and real life. The back is an Ikat from B|Berger and is not as easy to clean. The existing side chairs were reupholstered in an outdoor fabric as well. We wanted this to be a room that the family could live in comfortably.

I took the photos after we had just come back from a trip to HomeGoods and were playing around with some new accessories - the placemats are for casual everyday eating - styling the dining table is next on the 'list' so you've got to ignore the tabletop.

The wingback chairs were designed to flank the ends of the table. But I didn't like how one of them blocked the new sitting room from view when you walked into the room so I placed it next to the sideboard - and I kind of like it that way. 

We are still waiting for delivery on the chandelier and rug, the window treatments and a couple of table lamps ... but it is nice to see it shaping up as a real room. Want to see what it looked like before?

living room "before"

living / dining room "before"

The living room never got used. That was the biggest complaint. And the dining room was small. There was no room to place a sideboard or even walk around the chairs when they were occupied. So we moved things around.

The dining room now has plenty of room and the new sitting room is used often even though it is not even completely finished. I hear it is the perfect spot to read the morning paper, have a cup of coffee and throw open the french doors and enjoy the morning sun or relax with a glass of wine in the evenings. 


Unknown said...

One word: stunning!!!!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Great job, Sherri! Smart floor planning and gorgeous finishes. Well done!

Holly Gruszka said...

Big kudos Sherri!! It looks fantastic - I love all of the color that you've used and those wingbacks look great. And great choice moving the one a little off to the side- I think it looks great.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Love the chairs you added. They look great.

Jessie said...

I love the gorgeous ikat patterns at the back of wingback chairs. Looking forward to see the finished room!


Sarah said...

wow. love the wingbacks. love everything!