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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The tiniest houses

I grew up in the 60's and one of my favorite things to play with (besides running through the sprinklers) was the dollhouse our grandmother made for my two sisters and me. It was a hexagonal home with the rooms facing the outside and the whole thing was mounted on a lazy susan so that it turned. It was very mid-century in architecture as was the house we lived in. And just like the house we lived in, our dollhouse had a rock roof. 

Although ours was much larger than this one, the concept was the same.

My girls had a dollhouse as well, and although theirs was much more traditional looking they also spent hours playing with it. Now that I am a grandmother, I started to think about the playhouse that my new granddaughter will someday play with. 

I found this Brinca Dada's Emerson dollhouse in a catalogue that came a couple of weeks ago (The Henry Ford) and if this was available back when I was I kid I can promise you my father (the architect) would have made sure we had this one to play with!

It comes with two fireplaces, sliding glass doors, solar panels and recessed LED lights. Yes, the lights are actually powered by the solar panels. The 32 piece furniture set you can purchase to go with it is made from American black walnut and features nontoxic, lead-free stains and paints. 

But if this house is not for you, there are many other choices in both architecture and furnishings ...

This model, the Dylan is also from Brinca Dada. You can read about the furnishings here.

LOVE this collection of chairs (found here)

But I also like the idea of the custom home ... you know, the kind you make yourself:

Lonny magazine dollhouse challenge

My favorite? This one from Making it Lovely

Are you inspired? I am! 


Stephanie said...

Oh my GOSH! I had no idea that they had these type of doll houses. Wow, those are so dang cool! I think I should get one and just decorate and re-decorate the doll house instead of my own house. Way quicker and probably cheaper :)

Unknown said...

Hi Stephanie ... funny but I that that exact thought!!!

MrsS said...

So funny and so cute!! Stephanie's idea is a good one for YOU!! :) Cant wait till Adi can appreciate something like this.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Could this be ANY more fun??!! I would love to play with those houses.

pve design said...

I played at my friend's down the street as a child for hours and she had this incredible doll house.
Another Mom friend made her daughter a cardboard house using decorator swatch fabrics as the roof shingles and I love seeing it when I visit.