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what I do

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A new pillow order

Even when they are not for me ...

I love picking up new pillows from the workroom! And speaking of pillows ...

My area rep for Pindler and Pindler stopped by last week to show me their newest collections ... and at my request she brought out many outdoor fabrics. Can't you see these as fabulous pillows?


Holly Gruszka said...

Can't go wrong with outdoor fabrics - I'm going to propose them to my SIL since she has 2 young boys. And how can you not be happy picking up pillows? :) I'm trying to decide on some new ones myself - it's difficult when choosing for your own home.

Unknown said...

Pretty, indeed.

Sherri, I want to ask you about changing the blog's name. I'm thinking about it and you're the only one that I know that has done it recently.
Besides, changing the name/URL, did you have to do anything else?

Thank you,

Jessie said...

How fun it is to pick out new pillows for clients! Love the Kalah ikat pillows!