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what I do

Friday, August 31, 2012

The Explorer Room

 My sister and I put up the decals for the new preschool classroom today. It was a bit more challenging then I had anticipated; not the decals, they went up pretty well. But the room was in still in transition and it had both the new furniture for the classroom and the old furniture from the psychologist's office so it was a bit of a challenge even getting to the walls.

I love the new room sign ... my sister is so talented!

The room is going to be perfect and I like how it fits in so well with the other rooms too. Oh, to be able to be a kid again ... doesn't it just make you want to go in and play?

You can find the sources for the decals and the wall color in my previous post here. While I was there, I measured and took some before photos for a new project ...

I love to see that this successful doctor is growing and expanding her business. This space will be the new offices for the psychologists (as the classrooms are taking over the old space) and a meeting room for parents. We are limited as to what we can do (no painting allowed) so art will be a crucial element. 

I am actually "okay" with the white walls ... you know I wanted to paint my walls all white and it didn't work out so I can get out my white wall desire here! 

The goal is to make it a space that will feel welcoming to the parents. And inspirational. 

I hope you have an extraordinary day! xo

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Katie said...

The decals look so neat!

I just love that swinging-from-the-moon print ... Dreamy.