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Monday, August 27, 2012

Passwords, books and bags!

Are you like me and struggle to remember all your codes and passwords? I used to have it all pretty simple - one password for everything. Except that as things have gotten more sophisticated and more protective, that password I used to use didn't always fit the requirements (besides the fact that it is not really wise to use the same password over and over). And so I started adding capital letters and numbers to the end of my usual password and then would have a hard time remembering which I used where. You too?

Add to it that from time to time you are asked to change your passwords for security reasons and have to come up with a new clever password that you will be able to remember. When I factor in all of that PLUS my age (I am not getting younger!) and my decreased memory capacity ... it is just getting ridiculous the amount of time I spend requesting new passwords because I cannot remember the one I have. So last week I decided I had had enough of that mess and decided to re-organize and designate one place for all my passwords and codes. 

I figured that while I was at it, I would go ahead and re-do my address book. Yes, I still have a hand written one. I have one on my computer and of course the one on my phone, but I do like to have the old-fashioned kind of written address book too. I picked up a very simple 3-ring-binder type from Russell + Hazel that I found when I was shopping for a client at The Container Store. I liked all the insert options they had and I will use the "month" tabs to keep track of Birthdays and other important dates.

Have you seen these little May Books? They are the brainchild of logo designer, Mica May a self-proclaimed font freak and lover of Pantone colors (don't you love her already?) who came about making these almost by accident. I love her story - check it out here.

“I feel like the accidental entrepreneur. I simply love what I do and by doing that, I’ve created a brand and a company that makes me excited to get up every day! It thrills me that we send out little packages of fun on a daily basis, and people can’t wait to run to their mailbox to see if their May Book has arrived yet. I never imagined I would be doing this, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

I love her enthusiasm, don't you?
You can customize your own notebook for your specific likes and needs. You choose the cover, the style, the title and what you want inside (a calendar, lines, graph paper or just blank). They have special insert pages for wedding planning and baby & bump diaries too, and if you want your own logo or custom artwork, they will work with you to make those as well. These are a few I had made up for me:

I think these are just the cutest little notebooks! 

And speaking of custom (and women entrepreneurs!) ... Have you seen these adorable bags from Midi Queen

A friend of mine gave my daughter one of these to use as a "Mother's" bag when she had her baby and she absolutely loves it! 

They are designed and made by a friend of hers locally here in California (Ventura) and come in a huge array of colors, patterns & styles. I thought I would share them with you in case you would like one for yourself! What is unique about these bags are the fabrics she chooses - dreamy, velvety, vintage inspired upholstery fabrics that are not only beautiful to look at but feel great to the touch. She only makes a few purses in each fabric which makes them "one of a kind" limited editions.

Aren't they gorgeous? You can purchase them online here and see more styles on their facebook page here

Now how is that for helping you get organized this Monday morning?! Hope you are having a great start to your week! xo


Holly Gruszka said...

I was just talking to someone last week about all the passwords that we have for everything anymore. I don't know how I remember them all, but I do need to find a system or a secret place to get them all written down. And it's not goign to get any easier I'm sure. Hope you had a nice weekend!

designchic said...

So many goodies here - love the chevron patterned ones!