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what I do

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I'm working on a bathroom remodel this week ... one of those "Can we hurry and get this done in a week and a half?" jobs. It seems like I have a lot of those going on lately. Maybe because it's summer?  So far so good and I'm thinking we can pull it off. 

The bathroom is in a beautiful home where almost everything has been updated except for this bathroom. In a perfect world, it would require a complete overhaul. But instead we are going to make a few cosmetic changes to try to keep the costs down - which means the tile counter (and matching shower) has to stay. And the sink. But the floor had to go.

We ordered hexagon marble tiles for the floor and the installation started today. We also ordered new hardware - a new faucet, light fixtures, knobs, and hooks and a new shower door with reeded glass.

Traditional Green Glass Hook - Restoration Hardware

At some point, the client would love to re-face the cabinets but you know how that goes ... if you change the cabinet you should probably change the counters and if you change the counters you should re-do the shower ... and the project (and costs) just grow and grow. So we decided to paint the existing cabinets to look like a nice stained cabinet - an inexpensive fix that will help dramatically - like this example that Kristen Davis did:

I'll keep you updated on our progress ... 

Happy August!


Holly Gruszka said...

Good luck Sherri! If anyone can pull this off it's you. And I think you'll pull it off beautifully.


I can't wait to see this one....love the dark stain cabinet idea!