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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The week-and-a-half-bathroom remodel. Part Three.

We are on countdown to the bathroom remodel deadline - there are only two more full days of work before the party on Thursday.

The painting is almost finished - the faux staining of the cabinets is coming out great. I can already tell that the dark cabinet is going to work much better with the green tile.

Many times (more often than not) I opt to paint cabinetry white. But in this case it was just too stark and since we have to keep the existing less-than-perfect tile countertops and sink I wanted them to blend rather than stand out. 

Can you picture the darker cabinet with the new floor?

The old cabinet door hinges were painted white, in horrible shape and had to be replaced. But finding a replacement hinge that fit the existing doors ended up not being an easy task. After trying a few hardware stores with no success it seemed hopeless ... and then I remembered this:

This paint is amazing - I have used it on everything from tired looking light fixtures to my wrought iron fencing (really!). The painters soaked the old hinges in acid to remove all the old paint and they will be sprayed oil rubbed bronze. They are not the greatest looking hinges and this way they will just disappear.  And the new knobs will shine.

Today the painting should be finished and by Wednesday all the fixtures (except the back-ordered faucet) will be put up and cross your fingers, the new shower door installed. 

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And then I will come in and style everything. I can hardly wait!


Katie said...

Looking forward to seeing the reveal! I just have to say... it's so fun to see designs that are not completely gutted renovations. Most of us have to work with what we have to some degree so it's nice to see doable, real-life interior design. Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Remodeling really is all about crossing your fingers, isn't it? Still love that floor! Made me rethink my downstairs bath tile choices.

Holly Gruszka said...

I can't wait to see this. You're doing so well with the timeline too. I think the dark cabinets are going to look awesome with the floor and the green tile isn't so bad anymore either with the darker cabinet. Can't wait to see you work your styling magic too.