what I do

what I do

Monday, October 18, 2010


It is MONDAY and today I have been thinking about distractions and Mondays in general. And momentum. And blogging

Ah... don't you love her? I bought her in a photographer's shop in Tuscany.

I didn't get to most of my list today; I spent a lot of time working on my new blog header.
And so I am thinking about distractions ... and momentum. And working at home.

Working at home can be a distraction in itself. For me, it is critical that I am organized and have places for everything and everything in its place. It helps me stay focused. Making lists helps. Sticking to the list is even better! 

Here is my tip of the day: Start each day fresh. Take a few extra minutes before going to bed and pick up your shoes, put away the dishes and throw away the junk mail (recycle!).  It might 'seem' easier to leave it for the next morning but it isn't. Waking up with a clean slate is such a gift.  See you tomorrow!


MrsS said...

thanks for the tip!! I'm actually going to go finish my dishes right now!

barb cabot said...

Words to live by...you inspire me as always! Love this mantra and am going to try and own it...Start each day fresh....Thank you!

Robbie said...

Can hardly wait for you to organize my office so I can start fresh each day!