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Friday, October 29, 2010

There's no place like home

I have certain clients that I have worked with for years ... we finish one project ... wait a while ... and then start a new one. Not everyone can do everything at once and then of course, as time goes on, needs change and families enlarge ... not to mention the normal wear and tear and updating that becomes necessary (or desired!). I have changed rooms from first nurseries to second nurseries and children's rooms to teen rooms. It is those clients that become like family. I am working with one right now moving three sisters around (two rooms / three girls) and turning a nursery into a 'tween' room. The rooms they have now are precious and hard to let go of, but it is time.

It is with these families that I sometimes get asked to do things that go outside my scope of 'designer'. I have been asked to decorate for baby showers, birthday parties and holiday parties. That is not really something I 'do' normally (oh, bless you who are party planners) but for them, I am happy to help. I appreciate the trust they have in me and thrilled to be part of their lives.

So today I am working on a 4-year-old birthday party. This soon to be 4-year-old girl wants to have a Wizard of Oz themed party. Her two sisters before her have had their big 4-year-old party as is the tradition in their family. She is the youngest and so this will be the last one.

Part of my 'research' was sitting down today and watching the entire movie ... um, really? How great is that! I did fast forward through much of it but was actually surprised at how many details I have never noticed. One of my favorite parts (oh, there were so many!) was when the tin man is getting his 'heart' from the wizard - and the wizard tells him, now remember, "the heart is not judged by how much you love but by how much you are loved by others." And then later, when Dorothy is saying goodbye to him, he responds with, "Now I know I've got a heart because it's breaking." Those lines just tore me up.

So in perfect timing, UPS dropped off the baskets and the Totos for the party favors today. I found the baskets wholesale for $1.25 each and little stuffed toto dogs were around $5 each. I will line the baskets with blue and white checked gingham and then will add a rainbow lolipop, some stickers and rainbow colored crayons in the basket.

Each family member is dressing up as one of the characters and the guests will come dressed up as well. The birthday girl will be Dorothy of course!

We will serve these cupcakes for dessert:
image from cutestfood.com
And these witch hat cookies will be at each place setting (except with green 'ribbons' and they will each be wrapped in cellophane)

I'm sure you will hear more of the party as it progresses and I will show you photos after the big day! And if you have time, sit down and watch the movie again!


Anonymous said...

I don't think I would ever make it as a party planner, so I admire you for taking this on! :-) It looks really cute so far (LOVE the cupcakes!) and having everyone dress up is such a great idea. I'm looking forward to seeing the party photos.

Thank you for your kind comment about my blog. I hope you have a great weekend...

Prizler Photography said...

Oh my! You did a great job! Love all of it. Can you do it for my 53rd??? "The old wicked witch is dead" theme.... lol

MrsS said...

LOVE the cupcakes. do i get to help make those?