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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chandy candy

I'm working on finishing a dining room right now and am looking for the perfect chandelier. The dining room is a decent size - almost square with a gorgeous large round table in the center and a large bay window that has a view that is to die for. The chairs have just been ordered and while we wait for them to be delivered (10-12 weeks) I need to pull the rest of the room together. Besides the chandelier I need a rug and window coverings and a large piece of artwork. I want the chandelier to be a statement but I don't want it to detract from the art. I have been looking at large drum shades with a bit of crystal to add a little jewelry. The chairs have silver nail heads and I want to carry in some 'shiny', some silver and some glam.
Photo by William Abranowicz via Elle Decor
The right chandelier can be the explanation point in a room.  This is a beautiful room without the chandelier, but with it, it just looks complete. 
Alexandra Rae via House of Turquoise
I love this chandelier, but it would be too much for the room that I am working on. It would be the focal point and we want the art behind it to stand out.
Tobi Fairley via Cote de Texas
I love drum shades and think they are perfect almost anywhere.
Thomas Pheasant via The Shade Shop
Nate Fowler
I love the simple elegance of these fixtures and how they carried them into the adjoining room. They look fresh and clean and sophisticated. 
Dining Room Photos
Mabley Handler via House of Turquoise
Mabley Handler via House of Turquoise
Doma Architects, Inc. via Houzz
And I love a chandelier in a bedroom - so romantic!
House of Turquoise
Don't you love that they put a beautiful chandelier in their closet? Ahhhh.
House Beautiful
Here are some useful tips when looking for your perfect chandelier (courtesy of The Shade Shop).
Formula 1: Add the length and width dimensions of the room in feet. That number in inches will be the width of your chandelier. For example, if your room is 14' + 16' = 30', then your chandelier should be 30".

Formula 2: Take the width of the room (in feet) and double it. This is the width of your chandelier in inches. A 14' room x 2 = 28. You would buy a 28" chandelier.

Formula 3: The chandelier should be half the width of your dining room table. if your table is 84", then your chandelier should be 42".

Formula 4: If your table is exceptionally long, opt for two chandeliers that are each 1/3 of the width of the table. For a 60" x 120" table, choose two 20" chandeliers each centered over half of the table.

Once you have the correct size chandelier selected, remember that chandeliers should be hung 30" to 36" above the center of your table.

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barb cabot said...

Oh this is a brilliant post. The tips for buying a chandelier are so helpful. Now if only I had a house where I could put one. Lovely photos.