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Monday, November 1, 2010

Do you know where your keys are?

The essence of being organized is knowing where that one thing you need right at this moment is. It could be a blouse, or a phone number, an invoice ... or your keys.

martha stewart


martha stewart

chez larsson via apartment therapy

Keys are one of the most looked for items in a home. Having a designated spot to drop your keys when you come in the door helps. It is also helpful to have duplicate keys stored in a place you can find them in the case you cannot find yours when you need them. Trust me! I have used my spare keys more than I wish to admit! 

I keep the spare keys to my house (plus a few extra duplicates for house & dog sitters), extra car keys, the neighbor's keys and any other keys I have, clearly labeled and in a box that stays in a drawer where I always know they will be. That way, if I am running late and cannot find my first set, I have a back-up. For some keys I use a quick way to identify them using ribbon, or a fun key chain that identifies the owner.

Tip of the day: Want a fun and easy way to label the different keys on your key ring? Use nail polish to give each key a different look!
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Anonymous said...

Keys, reading glasses, mobile phone, a pen. These are the four items I search for several times a day, everyday.

Thanks for the tips. I'm going to apply them to all four!

pamela x

Robbie said...

Oh, Pamela, how I can relate. Sherri gave us good tips and you gave me a good laugh. Thank You both!

L said...

Good ideas! I was missing our spare key and found out that it is with Ryan's stuff in WA! Since he won't get back there until Dec. I shall have to make another one.

Unknown said...

Oh that's funny! I should have also mentioned that I keep a spare key next door at my neighbors! We have used that many times :)

Unknown said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG...just found you through your other "oh so talented sister", Patti!