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Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Target Christmas

Today is 'black Friday' which has never been something I have participated in or really paid attention to but this year my two daughters got up in the early hours of the morning to be at Target when they opened at 4 A.M. They did it for fun and because there was a really great Target commercial - the one with the gal in the red jogging suit and the pearl necklace - that made it seem very appealing. If you have not seen it you can watch it here. The girls said that the line was wrapped around the building when they got there just before 4:00 and when they walked up to the front of the line just to ask a question about how they were going to let people in (some at a time?) they were yelled at not by a few but by the crowd who started chanting 'cutters! cutters!' at them and so they shrank back and waited in their car for the store to open. Intense!

In honor of the day and their early morning adventure, I thought I would share with you some Target bargains that I found a couple of weeks ago. They caught my eye because of my 'turquoise and orange' themed Christmas and I thought they were very cute and inexpensive.

I love this box ... it is a great size (7" x 8") and is only $4.00. You could tie a satin ribbon around it ... or not. The lid has just the right amount of glitter.

This gift bag would be perfect for a bottle of wine or even to tuck in a scarf and mittens or a rolled up sweater. It is $1.50.

I love these gift card holders - they feel very 'Anthropologie' to me and sell for $1 each.  Tuck a little cash or a gift card into one of these and you are set. I love that yellow - I may need to bring some of that into my Christmas decor too. 

I just liked these and thought they would be cute tied onto a package for a little extra glam or even hung from the tree. They are also $1 each.

This little owl is my favorite and if I were buying ornaments this year I would buy a dozen of these and hang them on my tree - they are $4 each - not a great bargain but I think worth it. They would be darling tied on to a package as well.

And finally ... this tree skirt it is the perfect color and just the right amount of sparkle ... It sells for $30. Since I already have a nice tree skirt and I don't need to be spending $30 on something I already have, it will probably go back. Oh but I can really see my turquoise and orange wrapped gifts sitting on this ... so who knows, I just may have to keep it!

Happy shopping!

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