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what I do

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Transitioning into Christmas

It always takes me a while to get into the mood to decorate for Christmas. I dig in my heals and resist and then gradually get into it. I think part of it is that I really like my house more undecorated and so bringing in all the 'stuff' overwhelms me. But honestly, once I get into it, I love it and the day it all comes down my house feels extremely bare and sad.

Here is my entry piece the way it is most of the time. I like it and it is clean and simple. When I want to dress it up I just pop some fresh flowers in the pitcher and it is beautiful.

Here it is decorated for Thanksgiving. I brought in a rustic urn from outside and added some branches that were left from last year - I think they must have come from some live branches I picked up at the florist (sad that I have to buy what many of you probably have in your own backyard!). The leaves were left over from the Wizard of Oz trees that I made for the party and although I really don't like using 'fake' I thought they actually looked pretty authentic. They look like I could have gone into my backyard and clipped some Azalea leaves. That is kind of my 'using fake flowers rule' - if it looks like it could be authentic then I can live with it. Most of the time I would prefer just using real clippings or fresh flowers. The wreath is something I have had around for years and the pumpkins were left from Halloween.

And here it is transitioning into Christmas. I had picked up the silk flowers to use for my Christmas packages this year and borrowed them for the display. The balls were the new ones I purchased to go with my turquoise and orange theme this year and since they were already out and not packed away, I just popped them in a bowl. Once the tree is up, I will move things around but for now it looks festive and happy. 

One of the fun things about decorating for Christmas is that you can do things that you would not normally do. I thought it might be fun to try to bring in some of my outside decor inside ... so I dragged in a few things and played around with them this morning. 

I cut some lemon branches and added them to the mantle . . . 

And brought in some of the outside balls.

I tried bringing in some plants but then decided against it ... these were looking a little scraggly. But I definitely like the idea of it. 

I have a lot more playing to do but at least I have started!


L said...

I love the lemon branches on the mantle. What a fun pop of color and simple idea. That's a good way to go about decorating for Christmas - transitioning - I like that. It seems less overwhelming. I plan to transition my kitchen today which will have a gingerbread theme!

KellyMellyBoBellyBananaFanna said...

Isn't getting ready for Christmas the best? I love how festive everything looks, the smell of the wreaths and Christmas trees, all of the neighborhood lights...