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what I do

Friday, November 12, 2010

Crafting is not my thing!

The Wizard of Oz party is coming up ... 3 more days! Everything is planned but there are still a lot of little details that need to be finished and a lot of things to be crafted. I am not a crafter. You wouldn't know it if you saw all the crafting that I did for the wedding earlier this year, but it really is not my thing.

My client wanted a Tin Man so the kid's could play 'Pin-The-Heart-On-The-Tin-Man' and I told her, "Hey, no problem ... I will draw you one." But then I started thinking, what if I got a cheap Tin Man costume and cut it up and glued it on a board ... that would be better, right? And I wouldn't have to draw! So I bought the costume (50% off after Halloween - NO returns!) and then when I started really thinking about it, I decided it was probably more trouble than it is worth.

So, in the end, my sister who is a photographer and a professional scrapbook maker and an incredibly talented crafter (she is amazing - check out her blog here) said she would blow up a photo of the original Tin Man and mount it on poster board. Done and done. Well, actually it was not that easy and you can read all about what she had to go through to get the Tin Man printed here.

My Niece Katie with the Tin Man! Photograph by Patti Prizler
So, the Tin Man for the game came out amazing (don't you think?) but I still had the costume and I wanted to use it somehow. So I stuffed him with cellophane, crafted a face, spray painted him some nice boots and dishwashing glove hands and Voila! I am going to place him on the entry piece so that when the guests arrive he will be there to greet them.

I texted a photo of him to my daughter and she asked, "Is that a real man?" And I replied, "He is to me!"

I finished the apple trees that will be the centerpieces for the kids' tables. I bought blue and white gingham fabric to cover the tables that we are constructing out of 3' x 8' boards on short sawhorses. Do you know that there was not one fabric store in my area that had blue and white gingham? I had to order it online and bought out their entire stock! I'm thinking there must have been a lot of Dorothy's for Halloween this year!

So I hot glued all the little apples on and did just fine until I got to the leaves and I burned my finger - just one burn but ouch that really hurts! Glue guns are one reason I am not a crafter!

My client bought all the little party favors for the kids - little mirrors (fake ones because they are for 4 year-olds), a rainbow lollipop, a rainbow crayon and Wizard of Oz stickers. It seemed like a lot of stuff but when I put everything in the baskets the little toys just got lost.

So, I bagged up the little stuff and added some 'straw' which ended up being perfect to fill up the baskets. Super cute!

These are pretty lucky little four year-olds!


Robbie said...

Wow,Wow,Wow this is why the rest of us are crafters. At the end of the day, when you see the end product: such satisfaction. I did this! I hope Patty is the photographer at this party. You keep on amazing me with your talents! Oh, and as my daughter said at her 4 year old birthday party. " Mom, this wasn't for me but you." The adults are going to be the ones impressed because the 4 year olds have no clue how special this is. Have fun!

Prizler Photography said...

On m gosh! The Tin Man is fabulous! He turned out amazing. But where's his counterpart, the Scarecrow? Show him next!! And can I tell you, my fingers are so bad. Doesn't help that they crack and peel constantly. One day I was all day with the glue gun and burnt myself for the umteenth time and started to cry. Really cry. And I never cry. My kids felt so bad. The kids also know that if my fingers are bad, I can't make taquitos. They'll ask how they are before they request the dinner. I guess I should change up how I make them..... lol