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what I do

Friday, November 5, 2010

Wrapping it up

I love presentation. I get as much joy out of wrapping a present as I do giving what is inside.
The first thing I do for Christmas is select the wrapping paper and the ribbon I am going to use. Before my youngest daughter went away to school, as soon as Halloween was over we would head over to The Container Store and select our wrapping paper. The paper we chose would set the color scheme and style for the rest of the Christmas decor. The last couple of years I have had to do it alone - so not as much fun. I have also had great luck finding nice wrapping paper at Target. A couple of years ago they had a beautiful dark aqua flocked damask paper that was to die for. For me, anything flocked or any damask has my name on it.

This was what I used last year:

Interestingly, it is very similar to what Wisteria is showing in their latest catalogue:

I don't know why that bugs me, but it does kind of. You know, you think you are being original ...
 Anyway, this year we are on a strict budget and I had to think a little more creatively.
I normally buy a lot wrapping paper but this year I limited myself to only four rolls. I also wanted to be able to use the many, many rolls of turquoise ribbon I bought earlier in the year when I went a little crazy for the new color of the year! There is a wholesale ribbon store down the road from my house and they sell rolls of ribbon VERY inexpensively and I kind of over bought!

So, I went with some neutral colors that I could throw in some plain brown packing paper (super cheap) and it would still look pretty. It is hard to tell in the photo but the paper on the far right is a beautiful moire taffeta looking paper and the silver one is more 'leaf-like' and organic then it shows here:

My turquoise ribbon will look great on these! I will probably add some silver ribbon too.

I had a store credit at Crate and Barrel left from the wedding and found these wonderful little ornaments to either tie on a package or use them for the edible gifts I make. I wrap the cookies and candy that I make in cellophane and pretty ribbon and I like to tie a little ornament on it as well. I love anything silver (they are more silver than the photo shows) and 'leafy' so these will be just perfect ($3.95 / $2.50). 


Anonymous said...

I love your style, Sherri! The tree is beautiful and I like the monogram theme. Trust me, the more you're in blogland, the less original you will feel. :-) You think you have a good idea for something and realize that it's already been done. Oh well. At least we all put our own spin on it. Have a good weekend...

L said...

Thank you for sharing these ideas. You inspire me so much. I always used to think Christmas was only about red & green. Love the use of all these different colors, so beautiful. Your tree did look very similar to the one in the catalog.